100% Renewable electricity

We are powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

Our Commitment: 100% of our purchased electricity is, and will continue to be, from renewable energy sources.

Our Progress

We believe the world’s transition to clean energy is a must. That’s why we decided to power our operations with renewable energy from our onset.

Our first plant, the Drinkworks Creation Center in Williston, Vermont, has been powered by 100% renewable electricity from the day we crafted our very first Cosmopolitan.

We work with Green Mountain Power in Vermont to purchase wind power, solar energy and even cow power. That’s right- cows! Green Mountain Power converts methane waste from cow manure into energy, which we subsequently purchase to power our plant. Capturing cow manure and converting it into renewable energy prevents harmful methane from warming the atmosphere.

As we grow, we are committed to powering all future plants with 100% renewable energy.

Green cow power

Drinkworks Creation Center

Our 2025 goals have been developed with the aspiration of helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Eliminating End of Life

We are exploring “as-a-service” business models to make end-of-life a non-event.


100% Electric Vehicles

By 2025, we will use 100% electric vehicles for our controllable inbound logistics supply chain. We will encourage outbound suppliers to use EV’s.


Zero Waste

By 2025, 100% of our creation facilities will send zero waste to landfill.