100% Reusable or Recycable

Our Commitment: By 2023, we will double the % of consumer participation in our Pod upcycling mail-back program. By 2025, 100% of our packaging will be reusable or curbside recyclable.

Our Progress: Championing Upcycling

Our packaging sustainability journey began when we formed as a company in March of 2017. We set out to reinvent the entire drinking experience: from purchase to creation, to enjoyment - striving to make it all more remarkable through innovation and doing so in a responsible way.

Our pods are currently made from PET plastic and can be upcycled through our free-to-consumer mail-back program with Loop Industries. Upcycling is similar to recycling - both involve finding another use for a product that’s been discarded - the only difference is that with upcycling, the waste material is transformed into a product of equal or greater value.

Pods in Pouch and We’ll Do The Rest.

Here’s how our current program works. After our consumers finish a delicious Drinkworks beverage, they place the empty used pod into the Drinkworks x Loop Recycling Bag. Each bag can hold 30 pods. Once the bag is full, consumers simply place it in the mail. Shipping’s on us, as is the recycling bag. We wanted this program to be completely free of charge in order to incentivize participation. Once the Pods arrive at Loop Industries facilities, the upcycling process begins. Loop Industries uses a patented depolymerization process to break the PET plastic down to its monomer level - Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT) and Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) – using low heat and no pressure. The monomers are then purified through the removal of all coloring, additives, and organic or inorganic impurities. From there, the DMT and MEG are polymerized into virgin-quality PET resin and fiber.

Loop Industries’ patented depolymerization technology requires zero energy input as the company utilizes waste PET plastic as feedstock, eliminating the need for fossil fuels to create new plastics. Through upcycling, our pods can live on to have multiple lives. Thank you to all of our participating consumers!

How Can You Get Involved?

It’s easy! Complimentary recycling bags can be obtained online with purchase, by reaching out to the Drinkworks Top Shelf Service Team at 1-855-DRINKWORKS or hello@drinkworks.com, or by visiting any local retailer that sells Drinkworks products. One bag is also included with every Drinkworks Home Bar.

Our Goal: 100% Reusable or Recyclable

Our 2025 goal goes one step further. We want to ensure that 100% of all of our packaging is either reusable or recyclable in the curbside stream. Our CO2 cylinders, secondary packaging (tube) and tertiary packaging (case) are already recyclable in the curbside - all can be dropped right into your recycling bin! Please make sure to flatten all fiber packaging. We are currently exploring material substitutes for our primary pod packaging and will be sure to report on our progress.

Our 2025 goals have been developed with the aspiration of helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Where we are going…

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Eliminating End of Life

We are exploring “as-a-service” business models to make end-of-life a non-event.


100% Electric Vehicles

By 2025, we will use 100% electric vehicles for our controllable inbound logistics supply chain. We will encourage outbound suppliers to use EV’s.


Zero Waste

By 2025, 100% of our creation facilities will send zero waste to landfill.