Your Home Bar Made Simple

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Keurig has reinvented your countertop once again with the Drinkworks drinkmaker. Discover a remarkable night in with friends and family, while enjoying the limitless possibilities of single-serve craft cocktails, beer and wine, all at the touch of a button.

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"It all happens very quickly and the machine is incredibly intuitive. It's basically fool proof."
"Keurig revolutionized early mornings ... Now, happy hours are just as simple."
"A cocktail at the press of a button sounds mighty nice after a long day."
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Explore our range of cocktails, brews, mixers, and more.

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Hemingway Daquiri

More than just a drink.

A new way to elevate dinner with family, late night with friends, or cozy evenings in. We don't simply make enjoying quality cocktails at home better. We help create new experiences that previously were only possible at a bar.

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Home is where the Bar is.

In between hosting events, we all need those nights at home to unwind and indulge ourselves. It could be a nice book, that new TV show, or just hanging out on the sofa with your significant other. Regardless of what your Tuesday night looks like, it’s all better with a Drinkworks cocktail. So treat yourself.

Don’t work the party.
Be the party.

With the Drinkworks drinkmaker, you can enjoy your guests while they enjoy effortlessly crafted cocktails. Whether it's a celebratory family gathering or an intimate after-dinner drink with your closest friends, let Drinkworks tend bar while you tend to your guests.

Your favorite beer brands, too.

The Magic of the Pod

Inside every Drinkworks Pod is a crafted combination of premium spirits and natural flavors that make delicious and perfectly balanced cocktails, every time.

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    All Inclusive

    Each Pod contains the specific spirit required, whether that’s actual bourbon from Kentucky for a classic Old Fashioned or Mexican agave tequila for a refreshing Margarita.

  • A Machine for All Seasons

    The Drinkworks drinkmaker recognizes proprietary pods and uses precision on-board chilling and carbonation systems to prepare quality cocktails, brews, ciders and more at the touch of a button.

    Bubbles to Order

    For carbonated cocktails, Drinkworks can carbonate each beverage to order, so every Gin and Tonic comes out beautifully bubbly and undeniably fresh.

    Pick, Press, Enjoy

    Flawless bartending, every time. Just like any professional bartender, your Home Bar knows how each drink is meant to be made. Drinkworks recognizes each pod to calibrate precisely how much water and/or carbonation is needed.

    Quick Cooling Technology

    Never worry again about shaking or stirring. Drinkworks’ Quick Cool KOLD® Technology is always ready to deliver a perfectly-mixed cocktail at the perfect temperature, every single time.

    The Perfect Mix

    With each cocktail, Drinkworks dispenses the spirits, water, carbonation and other ingredients simultaneously, mixing them as they cascade into your glass.

    The Ultimate Barback

    Every bartender needs support staff, so keep your new Home Bar in working order with the Drinkworks App. Through an easy-to-use platform you can learn how to unbox and set up your drinkmaker, purchase more pods, learn about new drinks, monitor cleaning status and more.

    “I enjoy the ability to make a wide variety of fancy cocktails in a way that's easy, fast, and requires very little clean up.”

    Cameron M. Paid Beta Tester. Boston, MA

    “It's just so easy to make a drink that you might not have all the ingredients for! If I have people over, I don't have to worry about knowing to make a drink, I can just push a button.”

    Dave D. Paid Beta Tester. Boston, MA

    “Great machine to have in the house to make more "complicated" drinks like Mai Tais, Margaritas, Sangria and Long Island Iced Teas!”

    Nicole H. Paid Beta Tester. Boston, MA
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    We're Expanding

    You haven’t had a cocktail until you’ve had a Drinkworks cocktail. We’re always exploring more ways to bring Drinkworks to more people and places. Here’s the latest.

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    EXPECTED 2020

    Find us at these fine St. Louis retailers.

    Drinkworks is launching a pilot in St. Louis in November 2018. For availibility in St. Louis, click the link below. We are also available online in our "Shop" section while supplies last.

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